Kent Scouts Antarctica Project

What is ReQuest2021?

ReQuest2021 is a programme of activity centred around an expedition to Antarctica to commemorate the Shackleton-Rowett Expedition of 1921-1922. 100 years after Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship Quest sailed to Antarctica a ten strong team of Scouts and leaders are recreating the original ethos of the expedition by undertaking their own voyage to the frozen south.

The ten participants will undertake research projects whilst in Antarctica on issues such as climate change, energy, exploration, education, health and the environment. Findings will be presented in a range of engaging formats
including photography, soundscapes, reports, artwork and interactive forums.

Yet the miracle happened. A dream grew into reality. (James Marr)

Mission: The mission for the ReQuest2021 project can be summarised under the three banners of Peace, Environment and Heritage.

Exactly 100 years after  two Scouts sailed on Shackleton’s final Quest Expedition the project‘s objectives will be: –

  1. VOYAGE – Participate as members of the crew on the Bark Europa on a voyage to Antarctica. (Peace, Environment, Heritage)
  2. PROJECTS – Undertake personal projects with each team member presenting their results. (Peace, Environment, Heritage)
  3. CENTENARY – Hold centenary flag ceremonies in both the UK and Antarctica. (Heritage)
  4. PLAQUES – Unveil commemorative plaques to Scouts Marr & Mooney in England & Scotland. (Heritage)
  5. OUTREACH – Involve young people in a series of fun and educational outreach activities. (Peace, Environment, Heritage)
  6. THAMES – Host a pre-expedition PR event at Tower Bridge on Friday 17th September 2021. (Heritage)
  7. PLYMOUTH – Participate in the Devon and Cornwall Polar Society centenary event in Plymouth. (Heritage)
  8. SHACKLETON – Celebrate and pay respects to the achievements of Sir Ernest Shackleton. (Peace, Heritage)
  9. LINKS – Build strong links with Scouts in other countries on the original expedition route. (Peace, Heritage)
  10. LEGACY – Leave a lasting Scouting polar research legacy inspired by Scout Marr’s work on Krill. (Environment)