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ReQuest2021 Online Advent Calendar – Day 24

24 Hours of Daylight!

In the summer time at Scott Base the sun is above the horizon for 4 months, from roughly the end of the third week of October until the end of the third week of February.

This shows the movement of the sun over a full 24 hour period near the peak of summer.


ReQuest2021 Online Advent Calendar – Day 23

23 Antarctica photos that will inspire your next adventure…

ReQuest2021 Online Advent Calendar – Day 22

Remembering Sir Ernest Shackleton

Sir Ernest Shackleton died on 5th January 1922 at Grytviken in South Georgia on the Quest expedition.

On 4 January, 1922, the ‘Quest’ reached South Georgia and cast anchor off the Grytviken whaling station. Sir Ernest Shackleton visited old friends at the whaling station and organised preparations for the expedition. He returned to the ‘Quest’ that evening in good cheer. He wrote the following words in his diary, that were to be his last:

At last, after sixteen days of turmoil and anxiety, on a peaceful sunshiny day, we came to anchor in Grytviken. How familiar the coast seemed as we passed down: we saw with full interest the places we struggled over after the boat journey. Now we must speed all we can, but the prospect is not too bright, for labour is scarce. The old familiar smell of dead whale permeates everything. It is a strange and curious place. Douglas and Wilkins are at different ends of the island. A wonderful evening.

In the darkening twilight I saw a lone star hover Gem-like above the bay.


Uruguay: Funeral Of Sir Ernest Shackleton At Monte Video
Source: British Pathé

Quest’s Logbook On Ernest Shackleton’s Death; His Grave In Grytviken, South

ReQuest2021 Online Advent Calendar – Day 21


Today we celebrate our project hash tag #ReQuest2021

Just doing a simple Google image search on “#ReQuest2021” shows the fantastic internet presence of our project we have reached already…

ReQuest2021 Online Advent Calendar – Day 20


Antarctica2020 is a group of influencers from the world of sport, politics, business, media and science, that are building support for the protection of more than 7 million square kilometers of the Southern Ocean by 2020, through the establishment of a network of large-scale marine protected areas in the region.



ReQuest2021 Online Advent Calendar – Day 19

‘South’, Shackleton’s account of the ‘Endurance’ expedition, was published in 1919 in London by William Heinemann.

In the preface, Shackleton wrote “… I think that though failure in the actual accomplishment must be recorded, there are chapters in this book of high adventure, strenuous days, lonely nights, unique experiences, and above all, records of unflinching determination, supreme loyalty and generous self-sacrifice on the part of my men which … still will be of interest to readers who now turn gladly from the red horror of war … to read … the tale of the White Warfare of the South.”


(Source: Penguin Books)

(Source: Amazon)

ReQuest2021 Online Advent Calendar – Day 18

18 Getty Images
Browse 18 Shackleton Rowett Quest Expedition original photographs on Getty Images

(Source: Getty Images)

ReQuest2021 Online Advent Calendar – Day 17

17 Different Species of Penguin

There are typically 17 different species of penguin recognised as living in the world today. Each species belongs to a larger grouping of closely related species known as a genus. The living penguins comprise six genera (the plural of genus): Aptenodytes, Eudyptes, Eudyptula, Megadyptes, Pygoscelis, and Spheniscus


However, of the 17 species of penguins in the world, only seven can actually be found Antarctica itself – Adelie; Emperor; Chinstrap; Gentoo; King; Macaroni; Rockhopper.


ReQuest2021 Online Advent Calendar – Day 16

TEDx Talk – Tathagat Varma – Sixteen Months in Antarctica

Tathagat Varma, ex-Computer Scientist with Defense Research and Development Organization, was youngest member of the 13th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica in 1993-95. As part of the expedition, he stayed at the Indian permanent station “Maitri” for 16 icy-cold months, and carried out scientific experiments in HF Radio based Data Communication and studied various engineering systems required to sustain human life and activity in the notoriously tough environs of Antarctica. However, the expedition also taught him invaluable things much beyond the technical aspects of his work. In this talk, he will share some of his unique experiences of how human behavior is challenged and stretched under extreme inhospitable conditions of Antarctica. He will also share insights into sociological impact that comes with such long-term isolation.

ReQuest2021 Online Advent Calendar – Day 15

15 Enchanting Antarctica Images

It is often said that it’s impossible to take a bad picture in Antarctica. Everywhere you turn on the Great White Continent, it seems there’s another cute penguin, diving seal, surfacing whale. And that’s not even mentioning all the colossal glaciers, historic monuments, and stunning ice-laden shorelines just dying to fill up your flash drive.

But while the following Antarctica photos are all fantastic, they’re no substitute for the real thing. Enjoy them only as a primer to your own Antarctica adventure…