Month: May 2022


ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.34

EPISODE 34 – Sunday 29th May 2022 – PORT LOCKROY / MAFU LYNCH

On 12th January, with Alan’s Covid isolation finally over, the whole team had the privilege of visiting the Port Lockroy, Antarctic base which was set up by James Marr and his team during Operation Tabarin in WW2. There is also the REQUEST interview with Mafu Lynch, from Tierra Del Fuego, who was one of the members of the permanent crew on the Bark Europa.

00:45 Welcome Message

01:33 12th January 2022 On Board at Port Lockroy prior to Landing

03:03 Zodiac Landing at Port Lockroy

16:15 Exploring Port Lockroy base

59:53 Reflecting on time at Port Lockroy with Gentoo Penguins

01:01:42 Final walk around Base ‘A’, Bransfield House

01:23:08 Discovering the pantry in Bransfield House with Sarah

01:25:08 Zodiac back to Bark Europa

01:26:37 REQUEST Interview with Mafu Lynch

01:41:01 Closing Message

1:42:21 END

Tristan Da Cunha

Commemorating the Quest leaving the island of Tristan Da Cunha 25th May 1922 #REQUEST2021. Extracts from Scout Marr’s Into The Frozen South and from the Guardian May 1923, There are no longer any Scouts there however back then there was the Penguin Patrol.

Tristan da Cunha is one of the most isolated inhabited Islands in the world. It is situated in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, 1,700 miles west of Cape Town, 1,900 miles east of South America, and 1,500 miles south-south-west of St. Helena.  The island is 38 square miles in area, a circular cone-like volcanic mountain with cliffs of 1,000-2,000 feet that plunge directly into the sea.

And a huge thanks to the wonderful students of St. Mary’s School, Tristan Da Cunha. In the absence of any Scouts these days on the Island they stepped up and held our Shackleton Scouts’ Own in their assembly today. This marks 100 years to the day that the Quest left Tristan Da Cunha, 25th May 1921. #REQUEST2021

ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.33

EPISODE 33 – Friday 20th May 2022 – ANTARCTIC ISOLATION – PART 3

Being in isolation with Covid in Antarctica meant I was able to record lots of podcast content. This episode covers Axel and my last days in full isolation from January 8th to January 11th, 2022. A peaceful time spent enjoying the Antarctic scenery while spotting lots of wonderful whales, icebergs and penguins.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Welcome Message

01:40 Saturday 8th January – Early Morning – Graham Passage

17:58 Helen & Lucy Up Main Mast

18:30 Commentary – Arriving At Enterprise Island And Plan For The Day

20:00 Reflection – Capturing Antarctica On A Podcast

21:17 Heading Back For Lunch In Cabin One

29:50 Europa Cutting Through The Ice

30:33 Whale Spotting

37:35 Launching The Zodiac In An Icy Cove

38:54 Sound Recording Under The Ice

40:16 The Polar Plunge!

42:32 Afternoon On Deck

43:03 More Sound Recording Under The Ice

44:03 Commentary – Zodiacs Returning

44:55 Back In Cabin / Grey Morning

45:30 Up On Foredeck / Ship In Ice

48:38 Commentary – Ship In Ice

51:10 Chat With Genevieve

52:51 Chat With Alex

1:00:25 Reflections In Cabin – 9th January

1:01:29 BBQ Party – Stuck In The Ice

1:02:44 Ice Breaking In The Night From Cabin One

1:03:31 Up On Deck With A Great History Lesson From Beth

1:14:17 On Stern In An Ice Field

1:16:06 Reflecting On An Antarctic Evening

1:17:51 Update From Alba The Ship’s Doctor

1:18:43 11th January – Up On Deck

1:19:30 Recording Under The Ice

1:20:06 Commentary On Zodiaks

1:22:30 Chat With Sam Setting Off With George To Photograph Icebergs

1:24:01 Reflecting On The End of 7 Days Of Isolation

1:25:07 Closing Message

1:26:27 END

ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.32

EPISODE 32 – Tuesday 10th May 2022 – ANTARCTIC ISOLATION – PART 2

Got so much great content that I am editing that I am hoping to put out more than one episode a month now.

This episode is entitled ANTARCTIC ISOLATION – PART 2 and covers the 6th and 7th January while visiting the Antarctic Peninsula. It includes Deception Island, Krill Sampling and George Climbing the Mast. There is also the REQUEST interview with our fellow passenger – Paul van Hemert – from the Netherlands in the UK, who was also on White Watch with Genevieve, Darcey and I.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Welcome Message

01:39 6th January – Heading Up On Deck

04:32 Breaching Whales

05:20 With Axel En Route To Deception Island

06:10 More Whale Spotting En Route To Deception Island

10:59 Meal In Cabin One

14:30 Back Up On Deck – Deception Island

19:48 On Foredeck In The Afternoon – Deception Island

21:39 Abandoned Whaling Stations – Deception Island

24:58 Cabin One – Alex & Alan In The “Big Brother” Household

26:07 7th January – Morning Up On Deck / Nansen Net

37:10 On The Stern Of Europa / TASK Project – Krill Sampling

39:03 Team TASK Project – Krill Sampling

42:33 Afternoon Up On Deck

51:30 Motoring By Icebergs

52:22 Reflecting On The Icebergs

53:35 Review Of The Day

54:31 George Climbing The Mast

59:02 REQUEST interview with Paul van Hemert

1:08:33 Closing Message

1:09:08 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

1:09:53 Introduction To Bonus Material

1:10:07 Bonus Content – Whistling In Whaling Station Drums

1:10:38 END

Shackleton’s Cross & Cairn

Shackleton’s Cross & Cairn, South Georgia #REQUEST2021 – Marking one hundred years since the Quest left South Georgia, for the second time, on the SHACKLETON-ROWETT Expedition. Huge thanks to Sarah Clark for visiting the cairn and cross for us on Saturday 7th May 2022.Reading from Scout Marr’s INTO THE FROZEN SOUTH. (Chapter XVI)


Here is the full recording of our JOIN-IN ANTARCTICA Session 2 – SHACKLETON’S ENDURANCE – REQUEST2021 Project

Led by: Joanna Grochowicz #REQUEST2021



We are hugely grateful to Joanna for delivering this session from New Zealand in the early hours.

ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.31

EPISODE 31 – Sunday 1st May 2022 – ANTARCTIC ISOLATION – PART 1

This episode is entitled ANTARCTIC ISOLATION – PART 1 and covers the first few days visiting the Antarctic Peninsula. It includes: Alan’s Covid Test Results, Our First Iceberg and Penguin Island.

There is also the REQUEST interview with our fellow passenger – Mark Ashcroft – from Merseyside in the UK, who was on White Watch with Genevieve, Darcey and I.

After the main podcast there is also some bonus content of our Shackleton Scouts’ Own Ceremony and Investiture Ceremony.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Welcome Message

01:50 Alan’s Covid Lateral Flow Test Result

02:36 Alan’s Covid PCR Test Result

03:38 Alan – In Library – Post Covid Test Results

05:05 Alan – In Cabin One – Post Covid Test Results

06:57 First Time On Deck In Antarctica

29:15 Our First Iceberg In Antarctica

31:05 Back To Cabin One

31:46 Sound Of The Anchor Chain from Cabin One & Ship’s Alarm

32:38 Penguin Island – Bow Of Europa 5th January 2022

34:46 Sound Of Penguins – Penguin Island

35:38 Commentary – Penguin Island

39:38 Alan & Axel – Chat With Eric The Europa Captain & More Commentary

43:55 Alan & Axel – Dancing To Keep Warm

45:42 Commentary – Zodiak’s Returning From Penguin Island

46:22 Helen – Introduction To Shackleton Scouts’ Own Ceremony

46:52 Overview Of Bonus Material

47:25 Reflection On 5th January 2022

48:00 REQUEST interview with Mark Ashcroft

55:45 Closing Message

56:29 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

57:15 Introduction To Bonus Material

57:38 Bonus Content – Shackleton Scouts’ Own Ceremony on board Europa

1:19:06 Bonus Content – Investiture Ceremony on board Europa

1:24:03 END