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ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.32

EPISODE 32 – Tuesday 10th May 2022 – ANTARCTIC ISOLATION – PART 2

Got so much great content that I am editing that I am hoping to put out more than one episode a month now.

This episode is entitled ANTARCTIC ISOLATION – PART 2 and covers the 6th and 7th January while visiting the Antarctic Peninsula. It includes Deception Island, Krill Sampling and George Climbing the Mast. There is also the REQUEST interview with our fellow passenger – Paul van Hemert – from the Netherlands in the UK, who was also on White Watch with Genevieve, Darcey and I.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Welcome Message

01:39 6th January – Heading Up On Deck

04:32 Breaching Whales

05:20 With Axel En Route To Deception Island

06:10 More Whale Spotting En Route To Deception Island

10:59 Meal In Cabin One

14:30 Back Up On Deck – Deception Island

19:48 On Foredeck In The Afternoon – Deception Island

21:39 Abandoned Whaling Stations – Deception Island

24:58 Cabin One – Alex & Alan In The “Big Brother” Household

26:07 7th January – Morning Up On Deck / Nansen Net

37:10 On The Stern Of Europa / TASK Project – Krill Sampling

39:03 Team TASK Project – Krill Sampling

42:33 Afternoon Up On Deck

51:30 Motoring By Icebergs

52:22 Reflecting On The Icebergs

53:35 Review Of The Day

54:31 George Climbing The Mast

59:02 REQUEST interview with Paul van Hemert

1:08:33 Closing Message

1:09:08 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

1:09:53 Introduction To Bonus Material

1:10:07 Bonus Content – Whistling In Whaling Station Drums

1:10:38 END



Dear Alan,

Please find attached Permit No. 16-2021-22 for the specialist scientific activities you are intending to conduct as part of the REQUEST2021 expedition in Antarctica this coming season.[…]We wish you and the team a safe and productive expedition.

Best wishes,

Tom Chance | Antarctic Policy Officer | Polar Regions Department

Microscope to be donated to Bark Europa

These videos show the Wild M5 Stereomicroscope – contents of the box, setting up, using the scope and closing comments.

This is the stereomicroscope the ReQuest2021 Project are donating to Bark Europa for use by their guests before, during and after the ReQuest2021 project team sail to Antarctica. The team will get to use it on board Europa.

VIDEO #1: Wild M5 Stereomicroscope – Overview of Contents
VIDEO #2: Wild M5 Stereomicroscope – Setting up the Microscope
VIDEO #3: Wild M5 Stereomicroscope – Using the Microscope
VIDEO #4: Wild M5 Stereomicroscope – CLOSING COMMENTS

Antarctica In An Icebox

Antarctica In An Icebox

A box of fun and educational resources about climate change, environment, wildlife & heritage.

Welcome to Antarctica In An Icebox! These packs of resources will be used to launch a programme of activities in Scout Districts based upon all the amazing lessons to be learned about peace, environment and heritage from the continent of Antarctica.

Each box contains:-

Antarctica Flag

Antarctic Explorer Map

Penguin Moulds for Making Ice Cubes / Chocolate

Greta Thornberg’s Book – “No one too small”

Penguin Chick “Piggy Bank”

Ocean Augmented Reality Cards

Happy Feet 1&2 DVDs

Shackleton: The Boss. Children’s Book.

Into The Frozen South Book – James Marr

Shackleton: The Voyage of the James Caird Graphic Novel

ReQuest2021 Antarctica Top Trumps

16Gb Penguin USB stick – packed full of electronic resources!

Penguin USB Stick
Packed full of fun and educational resources about Antarctica, Polar Wildlife and Heritage – videos, activities, books.

Plus each icebox will come with a Shackleton The Penguin toy

ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep. 16

EPISODE 16 – Mon 1st Feb 2021  – An update on our fundraising efforts, the story of Alan the eleven-year-old Antarctic Krill and the ReQuest interview with Philippa Davies, who hosts the Canterbury-based annual Antarctica enthusiasts’ event – Cantarctica and is also the founder of the Betjeman Society.

Some follow up thoughts from Philippa received after recording for the podcast…

“For variety you are welcome to swap my ginger biscuits for mint imperials. I never have travelled without them and have a tin full in my car. My grandchildren call them magic mints.” 

“Another fascinating link is that Louisa Young, Kathleen Scott’s daughter by her second marriage is a goddaughter of Betjeman. So, Betjeman and Scott link.”

Philippa Davies with her wonderful scale model of Scott’s Discovery

The ReQuest2021 podcast is documenting the Kent Scouts #ReQuest2021 Research Project all the way to Antarctica and back again! Interviews, Scouting historical links, events and research project work recorded along the way. Part of Alan Noake’s Antarctic Soundscapes project.

Show Notes

Alan the eleven-year-old Antarctic Krill

The Curious Life of Krill by Stephen Nichol

The Betjeman Society Website:

“The Betjeman Society Scrapbook” by Philippa Davies

Lots of Different Ways to Follow and Support The Project including our penguin badges, Antarctic Top Trumps and other merchandise…