Month: May 2020


Annual Newsletter #2

Have a look at the PDF version our our latest annual newsletter.

Highlights this issue include…

Dream To Reality
Research Round-up
Get Involved
Project Sponspors

This is the second of four issues we have planned for June 2020. The plan is to produce two more issues in June 2021 and June 2022.

We have sent some hardcopies out by post. Let us know if you would like a collectors copy!

ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.7

EPISODE 7 – Thursday 7th May 2020  – Celebrating being half way on our ReQuest2021 Fundraising, more from Alan’s presentation to Medway Towns Scout Active Support with a focus on the 1921 Scout Selection Process by Shackleton and ReQuest2021 Interview with Emma Johnston.

A podcast documenting the Kent Scouts #ReQuest2021 Research Project all the way to Antarctica and back again! Interviews, Scouting historical links, events and research project work recorded along the way. Part of Alan Noake’s Antarctic Soundscapes project.

Emma Johnston

Show Notes

Lots of Different Ways to Follow and Support The Project including our penguin badges, Antarctic Top Trumps and other merchandise…

Sir Ernest Shackleton, Sir Percy Everett (Deputy Chief Scout at the time) and Major Wade, plus the other scouts up for selection along with James Marr and Norman Mooney, 1921.
The 10 Boy Scouts put forward for final selection back in 1921
(Source: The Daily Graphic, Thursday August 18th 1921)
Norman Mooney, Sir Ernest Shackleton & James Marr, 1921
(Photo: Scout Association Archives)

Shackleton The Penguin Is Celebrating!

Shackleton the Penguin the team mascot for ReQuest2021 has something to celebrate today as the scout team of eight from Kent and two from Scotland have just hit the halfway point with fundraising for their Antarctic Research Project! The team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored them so far along the way… Precisely 600 days before the ReQuest2021 Antarctic Research Project Team plan to set sail for Antarctica the ReQuest2021 team have just this week passed the £55,000 mark on the way to their £110,000 target.

The team’s Virgin Money Giving fundraising page can be found on the following link:

The ReQuest2021 Team are: Matt Wood, George Stonor, Darcey Holmes, Genevieve Scullion, Alan Funstuff Noake, Cathy Mummery, Lucy Morgan, Sam Payne, Laura Bernard and Emma Johnston

In the Winter of 2021/22, the team of Scouts will be sailing on the Bark Europa Tall Ship from South America to Port Lockroy in Antarctica. Exactly 100 years after two Scouts sailed on Shackleton’s final Quest Expedition back in 1921 the project‘s objectives will be: –

  • To participate as members of the crew on the Barque Europa on a voyage to Antarctica.
  • For each of the participants to carry out an Antarctic research project and present the results upon return.
  • To visit Port Lockroy base that was established by Scout James Marr and fly a Scout flag on Antarctica.
  • To unveil an expedition plaque dedicated to Marr & Mooney at Gilwell Park and Port Lockroy in Antarctica.
  • To involve the younger sections in join-in educational fun activities in the form of Antarctica In An Ice Box.

The challenge facing the team now is to raise the other 50% – another £55,000 by the 30th June 2021. It is set to be a busy year of fundraising and the setbacks caused by the Coronavirus lockdown will make it even more difficult to achieve. We are dedicated to making the dream a reality!

The team’s Virgin Money Giving fundraising page can be found on the following link:

Antarctic Top Trumps

Our Antarctic Top Trumps Collectors Set

REQUEST2021 Antarctic Top Trumps Collectors Set

Very excited to be announcing our brand new exciting promotional fundraising item for #REQUEST2021…!!!

This is a high quality, unique set of Top Trumps cards specially created for the ReQuest2021 Antarctic Research Project including:

* 7 Antarctic Penguin Cards

* 5 Antarctic Seal Cards

* 7 Antarctic Bird Cards

* 1 Antarctic Krill Card

* 8 Antarctic Whale Cards

* 1 Shackleton The Penguin Card

* 1 Bark Europa Tall Ship Card

We only have an initial stock of 10 packs from our suppliers just to guage the level of interest. So if you want to be one of the very first people to own a set then please order now. All profits from the sale of these card packs goes to Kent County Scout Council – Charity Number 303471 to support their ReQuest2021 Antarctic Research Project. Available now on eBay for £12.49+P&P:

7 Antarctic Penguin Cards & 1 Shackleton The Penguin Card
7 Antarctic Bird Cards
8 Antarctic Whale Cards
5 Antarctic Seal Cards
1 Antarctic Krill Card
1 Bark Europa Tall Ship Card