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Amateur Documentary of the Antarctic Voyage

DREAM INTO REALITY – A 45 minute film of highlights of the Kent Scouts #REQUEST2021 Antarctica Voyage 30/12/21-19/01/22

00:00 Intro (at Port Lockroy) – Alan Noake, REQUEST2021 Project Leader

01:11 Departing Ushuaia Harbour

02:32 Dolphins on the Port Bow, Beagle Channel

02:41 Sail Trailing with Benthe

03:09 Drake Passage Outbound

05:37 First ARGO Float Deployment

11:03 Shackleton Scouts’ Own service on Deck 5th January 2022

11:39 Ice Trekking 11:59 Nansen Net Deployment – Krill Sampling

13:19 Gen Processing Krill Samples

16:35 Zodiak Iceberg Cruise

18:59 Wreck of Gouvernøren, Føyn Harbour & George Climbing Rigging

20:09 The Polar Plunge 20:59 Port Lockroy

25:21 A Tour of Bransfield House – Base ‘A’ Port Lockroy

29:19 Operation Tabarin

30:15 Alex – Port Lockroy, Ionospherics Room

30:55 Matt – Port Lockroy, Electricity Generation

31:36 Leaving Port Lockroy

32:52 Matt, Cathy & Alex Cleaning Items For Antarctic Landings

34:30 Darcey’s Watercolours

35:27 Cathy’s Motion Sickness Study

37:10 Gen’s Physiological Measurements

39:16 Lucy’s Thoughts On Climate Change

41:11 Last Views Of Antarctica

44:50 Reflections On The Voyage – Alan

45:32 END

New Year’s Day (2022)

01/01/22 – New Year On The Drake (Author: Lucy)

The first day of the year arrived on the Bark Europa as somewhat of a non-event. As pointed out by our guide Sarah, it was unusual to spend New Year’s Day not really acknowledging that it was New Year’s Day at all – we had far more important challenges to be worrying about at the time!

One noticeable aspect of this day was that it was the beginning of the watch system. All of the voyage crew were split into three watches: red, white and blue. Each group included approximately ten people, with a couple of REQUEST2021 members in each. Red Watch began the first shift of the New Year: four hours of half-hour rotations, swapping between steering the ship, manning lookout, sail handling and warming up inside the deckhouse. Whilst this rhythm of four hours on, eight hours off, was something we would all get more used to with time, the initial shock of waking up at midnight and making our way out onto deck in the pitch black, bitingly cold wind to carry out a task which required both physical and mental concentration, was a huge challenge to overcome on the first day… especially at such an extreme angle. This day was quoted by many on the expedition as their “worst memory” of the trip and it had several of us questioning our choices. The worst part about it was not the tiredness, cold, hunger, physical strain or even boredom, but the raw, all-encompassing and persistent sea sickness. In most cases it takes several days for landlubbers like us to get their sea legs, and for some, these ‘legs’ never came at all! Most of the team began their shifts with strong entries onto the ‘chunder chart’ and we very quickly learnt the importance of locating yourself on the leeward side of the ship, rather than facing upwind should you need to make a hasty dive for the edge.

For most of the team, even standing up straight was a huge difficulty, particularly on the first day. Europa sailed at, what felt like, a very extreme angle and it was not unusual for plates, cups, belongings or even people to find themselves flying across the deckhouse with an unexpected jolt of a wave. The unfavourable winds, which forced us to sail close-hauled into the waves, made the rhythm of the rocking far more unpredictable and crew had to have their wits about them to avoid accidents. We were advised to always keep one hand ‘free for the ship’ should something need to be grabbed at the last minute for stability. It was not unusual to have only half of shift members remaining by the end of a watch and the eventual return to bed came with an unrivalled relief. Stripping off layer after layer of cold, wet clothing to crawl back into the warmth of a swaying bunk was something we spent much of the four-hour shift dreaming about. Not only was lying down the least sickening position to be in, but tiredness was also a side effect of the sickness medication. Consequently, the remaining eight hours off shift would primarily be spent cuddling a yellow bucket in the safety of a bunk. – What a start to the sailing experience!



On Friday 16th September the FINAL VOYAGE team held the penultimate Shackleton Scouts’ Own at Millbay Docks in Plymouth next to the Sir Ernest Shackleton blue plaques.


Silas Maxwell [Medway Towns]
Edward Wisbey [Dover]
Jacob Websdale [Thanet]
Jack Smith [Dartford]
Amy Schipper [Royal Tunbridge Wells]
Alex Tremain [Dartford]
Rose Darnley [Devon Scouts, representing Plymouth]
Oli Cowell [Hampshire Scouts, representing Portsmouth]

They were joined by four Kent Scouts Leaders – Alan Noake, Andrea Noake, Lucy Morgan and Nick Burring.

The penultimate Shackleton Scouts’ Own ceremony at Millbay Docks in Plymouth, 16th September 2022

To mark the end of the REQUEST2021 project a tall ship sailing experience had been arranged. The original intention was to follow the route of the last few days of the Shackleton-Rowett ‘Quest’ expedition’s year-long voyage and sail from Plymouth to Portsmouth.

The FINAL VOYAGE team along with some of the permanent crew of the Johanna Lucretia

Unfortunately, as the Johanna Lucretia tall ship arrived in Plymouth, she suffered a catastrophic engine failure. In true Scouting spirit the FINAL VOYAGE team went ahead with the weekend anyway. We still slept aboard the tall ship and spent the Saturday sailing out from Plymouth on two other alterative vessels – the Olga, a beautiful original Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter and also had the thrill of sailing and navigating the replica of Blythe’s boat that was featured in the Channel 4 TV series, Mutiny.

On the Sunday morning the team got the opportunity to climb the rigging of the Johanna Lucretia.

On Sunday afternoon the team made their way by road to hold the very last Shackleton Scouts’ Own by the Spinnaker Tower at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth.

The very last Shackleton Scouts’ Own by the Spinnaker Tower at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth.
The very last Shackleton Scouts’ Own by the Spinnaker Tower at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth.

ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.38

Monday 15th August 2022 – VOYAGE END / ERIK / MATTHEW

We made such good progress with fair winds back across the Drake Passage that we gained an extra day. This meant we could spend a day at Harberton, Tierra Del Fuego to visit a museum of marine mammal bones. They have thousands of bone specimens from whales, dolphins, seals, penguins, etc., including extremely rare beaked whale skeletons. Afterwards we also had a wonderful group BBQ on the shore. This episode also includes REQUEST interviews with fellow passengers Erik Kleine from Holland and Matthew Short from the USA.

BONUS CONTENT: Team Chat at Dorian Bay and Stepping Off Europa For The Last Time.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Welcome Message

01:56 Landing At Harberton

02:35 Exploring Harberton and the Marine Bones Museum

51:47 Packing in cabin 6 (Ushuaia Harbour) 19th January 2022

54:03 Repacking in cabin 6 (Ushuaia Harbour) 20th January 2022

55:15 REQUEST Interview With Erik Kleine

01:01:53 REQUEST Interview With Matthew Short

01:11:39 Closing Message

01:12:59 END


01:13:00 Team Chat at Dorian Bay

01:28:31 Stepping Off Europa For The Last Time

RSPB’s Wingbeat Magazine

A fantastic write up by Lucy Morgan and Sam Payne in the RSPB’s Wingbeat Magazine!

They were asked to be guest reporters for the magazine written by young people for young people.

It featured in the July 2022 edition from Page 7 to Page 9.

Wingbeat is one of the magazines that goes out to Youth Members of the RSPB,

ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.37

EPISODE 37 – Thursday 30th June 2022 – SECOND DRAKE & SECOND ARGO

Our return journey on across the Drake Passage with our final Argo launch along the way. The REQUEST interview with Aske Jensen from the permanent crew. Plus, BONUS content including Axel & Alan’s First Iceberg Cruise; the Fram Cruise Ship Passing; Genevieve discussing the BAS kit and a team Nansen Net Deployment.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Welcome Message

01:49 Alan Describing Being Back On The Drake

03:20 14th January – Under Motor

04:30 3.30am Watch

08:04 Sun 16th Jan – Discussing 2nd Argo

09:02 Preparing & Deploying 2nd Argo

28:20 Under Full Sail

29:51 A Windy Night!

30:49 17th January Just Before Breakfast

31:36 On Lookout Duty

32:06 On Afternoon Watch – Tanker Nearby

32:58 In The Middle Of The Drake

33:56 Final 4am Watch Entering The Beagle Channel

35:04 REQUEST Interview With Aske Jensen

41:48 Closing Message

43:09 END


43:42 Axel & Alan’s First Iceberg Cruise

01:00:56 A Recording Under The Ice

01:01:26 Alan’s Reflections on First Iceberg Cruise

01:03:06 Return From First Iceberg Cruise

01:07:51 Fram Cruise Ship Passing

01:08:12 Genevieve Discussing The BAS Kit

01:10:05 A team Nansen Net Deployment

ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.36

Tuesday 14th June 2022 – PARADISE BAY / NEKO HARBOUR

A zodiac cruise on 13th January 2022 around Paradise Bay with Sarah our guide visiting Brown Station, Blue Eyed Shags nesting and glaciers with a surprise visit by a whale. Some underwater hydrophone recording. An afternoon sitting on the Beach at Neko Harbour surrounded by penguins and seals.

PLUS Bonus Content: Nansen Net Krill Sampling; Conversations and other recordings at Neko Harbour.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Welcome Message

02:18 13th January 2022 Early morning watching penguins

03:31 Alan & Axel on a Zodiak Cruise with Sarah

31:04 Underwater Sound Recording while a Whale was by the Zodiak

31:26 Alan & Axel on a Zodiak Cruise with Sarah

41:21 Underwater Sound Recording off the side of the Zodiak

46:21 Alan after Climbing the top of the Main Mast

47:03 Zodiak ride to Neko Harbour

54:36 Spending time at Neko Harbour

1:06:32 Watching a Weddell Seal Up Close

1:07:47 Lapping Water

1:08:48 Penguin Party!

1:10:27 On the beach at Neko Harbour

1:12:56 Alan’s reflections on Antarctica, Neko Harbour

01:21:50 Closing Message

1:23:10 END


1:23:10 Final Nansen Net Deployment

1:33:41 Review of TASK “Krill Sampling” project

1:34:50 Alan & Cathy chatting – Neko Harbour

1:35:34 Alan & Erik chatting – Neko Harbour

1:39:11 Last moments at Neko Harbour

ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.31

EPISODE 31 – Sunday 1st May 2022 – ANTARCTIC ISOLATION – PART 1

This episode is entitled ANTARCTIC ISOLATION – PART 1 and covers the first few days visiting the Antarctic Peninsula. It includes: Alan’s Covid Test Results, Our First Iceberg and Penguin Island.

There is also the REQUEST interview with our fellow passenger – Mark Ashcroft – from Merseyside in the UK, who was on White Watch with Genevieve, Darcey and I.

After the main podcast there is also some bonus content of our Shackleton Scouts’ Own Ceremony and Investiture Ceremony.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Welcome Message

01:50 Alan’s Covid Lateral Flow Test Result

02:36 Alan’s Covid PCR Test Result

03:38 Alan – In Library – Post Covid Test Results

05:05 Alan – In Cabin One – Post Covid Test Results

06:57 First Time On Deck In Antarctica

29:15 Our First Iceberg In Antarctica

31:05 Back To Cabin One

31:46 Sound Of The Anchor Chain from Cabin One & Ship’s Alarm

32:38 Penguin Island – Bow Of Europa 5th January 2022

34:46 Sound Of Penguins – Penguin Island

35:38 Commentary – Penguin Island

39:38 Alan & Axel – Chat With Eric The Europa Captain & More Commentary

43:55 Alan & Axel – Dancing To Keep Warm

45:42 Commentary – Zodiak’s Returning From Penguin Island

46:22 Helen – Introduction To Shackleton Scouts’ Own Ceremony

46:52 Overview Of Bonus Material

47:25 Reflection On 5th January 2022

48:00 REQUEST interview with Mark Ashcroft

55:45 Closing Message

56:29 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

57:15 Introduction To Bonus Material

57:38 Bonus Content – Shackleton Scouts’ Own Ceremony on board Europa

1:19:06 Bonus Content – Investiture Ceremony on board Europa

1:24:03 END

ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.30

EPISODE 30 – Friday 1st April 2022 – DRAKE OUT

This episode is entitled DRAKE OUT and covers our five days sailing across the infamous Drake Passage between South America and the Antarctic Peninsula. It includes among other things: Sam discussing his personal project which involved deploying Argo Floats in the Drake; Alex chilling out while strumming his guitar; spotting an Albatross; some recordings of one of our sail training theory sessions and Darcey’s knitting lessons!

There is also the REQUEST interview with our fellow passenger – Aurelie Bringer – a French woman from near Marseille in the South of France who was on White Watch with Genevieve, Darcey and I.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Cabin port hole sound

01:07 Welcome Message

02:23 Sam – discussing Argo Float project

04:20 Ship creaking / Alex chilling out while strumming his guitar in the ship’s library

06:30 Waves in the Drake / George warming his hands

07:21 Midnight on 2nd January – Just finishing watch (Wind noise in background!)

07:58 Alan on deck – White Watch – 3rd January

12:43 Alan – update – no visit to Elephant Island.

13:16 Alan relieving no-one on watch / Chatting to Paul / Albatross flying by!

19:42 3.30am 4th January 2022 – Waking up for 4am watch / Alan on lookout

21:50 Ship creaking in the early hours

22:36 Sail training with Benthe – Sails

25:22 Sail training with Benthe – Lines

33:57 Alex hoovering his kilt

35:00 Team chatting in the deck house / Knitting lessons from Darcey

37:32 REQUEST interview with Aurelie (Take 1 – at the helm – interview abandoned)

41:43 REQUEST interview with Aurelie (Take 2 – recorded in better sound conditions)

53:40 Closing Message

54:15 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

54:46 END


Here is the full recording of our JOIN-IN ANTARCTICA Session 1 – THE EXPEDITION – REQUEST2021 Project

Led by: Alan Noake #REQUEST2021






1) Intro music and project overview slide. [UNTIL 6 mins 30 secs]

2) Brief welcome from Alan. [From 6 mins 30 secs UNTIL 7 mins 0 secs]

3) Slideshow of Alan’s ice and wildlife photos. [From 7 mins 0 secs UNTIL 13 mins 13 secs]

4) REQUEST2021 – Expedition Presentation. [From 13 mins 13 secs UNTIL 1 hour 5 mins 21 secs]

5) Interval – Repeat of Slideshow of Alan’s ice and wildlife photos. [From 1 hour 5 mins 21 secs UNTIL 1 hour 11 mins 37 secs]

5) REQUEST2021 – Project Presentation. [From 1 hour 11 mins 37 secs UNTIL 2 hour 11 mins 55 secs


1) Missing Harberton pictures added to the edit.

2) All videos replaced with original speed to improve quality.

3) Archive video of Quest leaving London removed for copyright reasons but can be watched on YouTube: