Month: September 2022


The Quest leaves San Miguel, Azores

One hundred years ago today (5th Sep 1922) Quest left San Miguel in the Azores and we are delighted to report that the Scouts of San Miguel (CNE Agrupamento 1197) have held our Shackleton Scouts’ Own in Portuguese to mark the occasion. #ReQuest2021 @Kentscouts

We are so grateful to Marco Cidade for arranging the ceremony for the project.

Scouts of San Miguel (CNE Agrupamento 1197)


A View In San Miguel – Shackleton’s Last Voyage by Frank Wild

‘Scout Marr’ plaque installed at the whalers’ church, Grytviken, South Georgia

Author: Ron Lewis-Smith

Myself and other former members of the 1st Aberdeen Grammar School Scout Troop arranged to have a brass plaque placed in at Grytviken back in January this year. The occasion was to commemorate our local hero James ‘Scout’ Marr who was a member of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ‘Quest’ Expedition to Antarctica. Shackleton died on 5th January 1922 just after the expedition reached the sub-Antarctic island. The centenary of his death was commemorated on that date this year.

Approval was given by the Government of South Georgia for our plaque to be displayed permanently, but in the whalers’ church rather than in the museum. Jayne Pierce, Curator of the Museum, installed the plaque on our behalf in the church on 5th January 2022. She sent me the following email shortly after:

“The plaque was successfully transported and installed in the Grytviken church and it now rests next to a number of other memorials, including dedications to Frank Wild and Brigadier David Nicolls. I have attached a photograph for you to use in any relevant newsletters etc. The photograph shows a nice reflection of the church but if you want something different for publication I took lots of images, so do ask if you need anything further.

I have also added the Scout scarf that you donated to the museum collection and it will sit with reference to the plaque in our database.”

The scarf she refers to was presented by the current 1st Troop Scout Leader and accompanied the plaque on its journey to South Georgia.  Unfortunately, Jayne forgot to photograph it in the Museum!  However, she did send me some photos of the plaque in situ in the church (see below).

Grytviken whaling station in the late 1960s shortly after it was abandoned.

It is now a popular visitor site for Antarctic cruise ships. The Norwegian whalers’

Lutheran church (built 1913) is on the right, next to the Kino (cinema).

Note the football pitch far right.

The restored church in winter (but could be summer!) and summer conditions. My wife Elinor is included for scale.
Right: The Marr plaque is on the wall of the church gallery above the entrance. 
Left: The plaque is lower centre on the wall, with reflections of the gallery railings.
Photo Jayne Pierce
The brass plaque commemorating James ‘Scout’ Marr.  Photo Jayne Pierce