ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.31

EPISODE 31 – Sunday 1st May 2022 – ANTARCTIC ISOLATION – PART 1

This episode is entitled ANTARCTIC ISOLATION – PART 1 and covers the first few days visiting the Antarctic Peninsula. It includes: Alan’s Covid Test Results, Our First Iceberg and Penguin Island.

There is also the REQUEST interview with our fellow passenger – Mark Ashcroft – from Merseyside in the UK, who was on White Watch with Genevieve, Darcey and I.

After the main podcast there is also some bonus content of our Shackleton Scouts’ Own Ceremony and Investiture Ceremony.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Welcome Message

01:50 Alan’s Covid Lateral Flow Test Result

02:36 Alan’s Covid PCR Test Result

03:38 Alan – In Library – Post Covid Test Results

05:05 Alan – In Cabin One – Post Covid Test Results

06:57 First Time On Deck In Antarctica

29:15 Our First Iceberg In Antarctica

31:05 Back To Cabin One

31:46 Sound Of The Anchor Chain from Cabin One & Ship’s Alarm

32:38 Penguin Island – Bow Of Europa 5th January 2022

34:46 Sound Of Penguins – Penguin Island

35:38 Commentary – Penguin Island

39:38 Alan & Axel – Chat With Eric The Europa Captain & More Commentary

43:55 Alan & Axel – Dancing To Keep Warm

45:42 Commentary – Zodiak’s Returning From Penguin Island

46:22 Helen – Introduction To Shackleton Scouts’ Own Ceremony

46:52 Overview Of Bonus Material

47:25 Reflection On 5th January 2022

48:00 REQUEST interview with Mark Ashcroft

55:45 Closing Message

56:29 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

57:15 Introduction To Bonus Material

57:38 Bonus Content – Shackleton Scouts’ Own Ceremony on board Europa

1:19:06 Bonus Content – Investiture Ceremony on board Europa

1:24:03 END

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