St. Helena – Shackleton’s Scouts Own

100 years ago the Quest just departed the island of St. Helena…

“Without any event of outstanding importance, following a placid round of commonplace duties, living on the fat of the land, since there was now no pronounced need to conserve our stores, cleaning ship diligently, fishing for albatross, taking occasional soundings and dredgings, we reached St. Helena and anchored off Jamestown. It is a pretty little town, which straggles picturesquely for a long way up the bottom of an acute-sided valley. The island itself is a mountainous mass, intersected in every direction by deep valleys, those opening to the sea in our direction being of a very regular V-shape. An exceedingly fertile land, its chief industry is the growing of flax.”

(Scout Marr, Into The Frozen South)

The Scouts on the island of St. Helena who held our Shackleton Scouts‘ Own to mark the Quest leaving 100 years ago.

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