Commemorative Plaques

A huge thanks to Mark Brooks from Artisan Memorials for helping us towards one of our 10 project objectives yesterday: #4 To unveil an expedition plaque dedicated to Marr & Mooney both at Gilwell Park in Scout HQ in England and Fordell Firs Scout HQ in Scotland. (Heritage)

The plaque has now been installed in pride of place at Gilwell ready for an official unveiling ceremony at Gilwell on 5th September 2021.

Alan Noake and Mark Brooks with the Commemorative Plaque at Gilwell HQ
The Gilwell Plaque in pride of place
The Gilwell Plaque post-installation
The Gilwell Plaque pre-installation
Alan Noake with the Gilwell and Fordell Firs Plaques
Alan Noake with The Fordell Firs Scottish HQ Plaque

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