Twelve Archive Video Links – Shackleton/Quest/Marr

1. Sir Ernest Shackleton (1921) – YouTube

2. Shackleton’s Ship At London And Tower Bridges (sic) – British Pathé

3. Shackleton Leaves For Antarctic (1921) – YouTube

4. Uk: Leisure: Departure Of Sir Ernest Shackleton ‘S Ship “The Quest” From Tower Bridge For South Seas/Antartic Expedition – British Pathé

5. Shackleton’s Last Antarctic Expedition

6. Uruguay: Funeral Of Sir Ernest Shackleton At Monte Video – British Pathé

7. Expeditions: “The Quest” Arrives At Plymouth At End Of Antarctic Expedition – British Pathé

8. Story Of The Quest (1922)

9. Scout Mar (sic) Wreath On Statue Of Captain Scott Aka Scout Marr AKA A Christmas Remembrance – British Pathé

10. For The North Pole (1925) – YouTube

11. By Airship To The North Pole (1925) – YouTube

12. Shackleton!…Explorer!! – British Pathé

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