ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.36

Tuesday 14th June 2022 – PARADISE BAY / NEKO HARBOUR

A zodiac cruise on 13th January 2022 around Paradise Bay with Sarah our guide visiting Brown Station, Blue Eyed Shags nesting and glaciers with a surprise visit by a whale. Some underwater hydrophone recording. An afternoon sitting on the Beach at Neko Harbour surrounded by penguins and seals.

PLUS Bonus Content: Nansen Net Krill Sampling; Conversations and other recordings at Neko Harbour.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Welcome Message

02:18 13th January 2022 Early morning watching penguins

03:31 Alan & Axel on a Zodiak Cruise with Sarah

31:04 Underwater Sound Recording while a Whale was by the Zodiak

31:26 Alan & Axel on a Zodiak Cruise with Sarah

41:21 Underwater Sound Recording off the side of the Zodiak

46:21 Alan after Climbing the top of the Main Mast

47:03 Zodiak ride to Neko Harbour

54:36 Spending time at Neko Harbour

1:06:32 Watching a Weddell Seal Up Close

1:07:47 Lapping Water

1:08:48 Penguin Party!

1:10:27 On the beach at Neko Harbour

1:12:56 Alan’s reflections on Antarctica, Neko Harbour

01:21:50 Closing Message

1:23:10 END


1:23:10 Final Nansen Net Deployment

1:33:41 Review of TASK “Krill Sampling” project

1:34:50 Alan & Cathy chatting – Neko Harbour

1:35:34 Alan & Erik chatting – Neko Harbour

1:39:11 Last moments at Neko Harbour

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