ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep.37

EPISODE 37 – Thursday 30th June 2022 – SECOND DRAKE & SECOND ARGO

Our return journey on across the Drake Passage with our final Argo launch along the way. The REQUEST interview with Aske Jensen from the permanent crew. Plus, BONUS content including Axel & Alan’s First Iceberg Cruise; the Fram Cruise Ship Passing; Genevieve discussing the BAS kit and a team Nansen Net Deployment.

00:00 Theme Music – “Antarctica”

00:45 Welcome Message

01:49 Alan Describing Being Back On The Drake

03:20 14th January – Under Motor

04:30 3.30am Watch

08:04 Sun 16th Jan – Discussing 2nd Argo

09:02 Preparing & Deploying 2nd Argo

28:20 Under Full Sail

29:51 A Windy Night!

30:49 17th January Just Before Breakfast

31:36 On Lookout Duty

32:06 On Afternoon Watch – Tanker Nearby

32:58 In The Middle Of The Drake

33:56 Final 4am Watch Entering The Beagle Channel

35:04 REQUEST Interview With Aske Jensen

41:48 Closing Message

43:09 END


43:42 Axel & Alan’s First Iceberg Cruise

01:00:56 A Recording Under The Ice

01:01:26 Alan’s Reflections on First Iceberg Cruise

01:03:06 Return From First Iceberg Cruise

01:07:51 Fram Cruise Ship Passing

01:08:12 Genevieve Discussing The BAS Kit

01:10:05 A team Nansen Net Deployment

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