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ReQuest2021: Online Advent Calendar – Day 1

World Antarctica Day

World Antarctica Day 1st December 

Celebrating Antarctica and the day when the Antarctic Treaty was signed in 1959.

Antarctica Day was established by the Foundation for the Good Governance of International Spaces (Our Spaces) as a way to celebrate the continuation of the Antarctic Treaty, which was signed on 1 December 1959.

The Antarctic Treaty set aside 10% of the planet “forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes in the interest of mankind”. You can find out more about the treaty and about Antarctica itself, from the Our Spaces Antarctica Day web page. There is also a teaching resources page.

You could also check out our feature article on Antarctica for more background information and teaching ideas.


ReQuest2021 Podcast Ep. 1

EPISODE 1 – Sunday 10th November 2019 – A 100 Mile Swim, Antarctic Krill and Into The Frozen South!

A podcast documenting the Kent Scouts #ReQuest2021 Research Project all the way to Antarctica and back again! Interviews, Scouting historical links, events and research project work recorded along the way. Part of Alan Noake’s Antarctic Soundscapes project.

Show Notes

Seb and Silas – 100 mile swim – sponsorship link…

BAS Krillbase Project

T.A.S.K. (The Antarctic Scout Krill project) Facebook Page

Our Fundraising Ladder with lots of ways you can follow and support the project….

PRESS RELEASE – 17th September 2019 – Requesting To Raise Tower Bridge

In exactly two years’ time to the day – Friday 17th September 2021 – the Kent Scouts #ReQuest2021 Antarctic Research Project plan to replicate Shackleton’s original Quest sailing under Tower Bridge. To that end they have partnered up with the Lady Daphne Thames Barge and on the day, they intend to entertain their immediate families, top Project Sponsors and Scouting Dignitaries on board. They will have Tower Bridge raised just for them and sail on up the Thames to Greenwich.This was clearly also a promotional stunt by Shackleton and his crew with the two Scottish Scouts on board 100 years ago, as there is no real need to sail under Tower Bridge from St. Catherine’s Dock if heading out to sea! The team also have permission to fly a #ReQuest2021 Scouting flag on board on the day. This will all happen approximately three months before they set off to Antarctica on the research expedition itself on the Bark Europa tall ship from South America.The ten strong #ReQuest2021 team will be made up of eight from Kent (four over 25 and four between 18 & 25) plus two more from Scotland (just like on the original Quest expedition!) also between 18 & 25 . All the project team are dedicated to raising awareness of Scouting’s strong links with Sir Ernest Shackleton and Antarctica. Find out about all the many different ways you can follow and support the expedition on

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The Quest sailing under Tower Bridge 17th September 1921
Scottish Scouts James Marr and Norman Mooney raising the Union Flag on board the Quest 17th September 1921
The crew of Shackleton’s Quest Expediton including Scouts Marr and Mooney on 17th September 1921
The Lady Daphne Thames Barge our partners for recreating the Quest passing under Tower Bridge on 17th September 2021

Twelve Archive Video Links – Shackleton/Quest/Marr

1. Sir Ernest Shackleton (1921) – YouTube

2. Shackleton’s Ship At London And Tower Bridges (sic) – British Pathé

3. Shackleton Leaves For Antarctic (1921) – YouTube

4. Uk: Leisure: Departure Of Sir Ernest Shackleton ‘S Ship “The Quest” From Tower Bridge For South Seas/Antartic Expedition – British Pathé

5. Shackleton’s Last Antarctic Expedition

6. Uruguay: Funeral Of Sir Ernest Shackleton At Monte Video – British Pathé

7. Expeditions: “The Quest” Arrives At Plymouth At End Of Antarctic Expedition – British Pathé

8. Story Of The Quest (1922)

9. Scout Mar (sic) Wreath On Statue Of Captain Scott Aka Scout Marr AKA A Christmas Remembrance – British Pathé

10. For The North Pole (1925) – YouTube

11. By Airship To The North Pole (1925) – YouTube

12. Shackleton!…Explorer!! – British Pathé

The Caithness Stone has stone has just arrived from Scotland!

The Caithness Stone

A visit today to lettering artist Mark Brooks from Canterbury. The Caithness Stone has just arrived from Scotland for the two plaques we are commissioning as part of the ReQuest2021 project commemorating James Marr and Norman Mooney, the two scouts who took part in Shackleton’s Quest Expedition to the Antarctic in 1921. It is a beautiful stone, ideal for inscriptional work and has outstanding weathering capabilities.

The approved artwork

Both stones will have the same design but will be different in size. The larger one will be sited in an appropriate place at Scout HQ Gilwell Park, and the smaller one will accompany the ReQuest2021 team on the expedition to Antarctica in the Winter of 2021/22.

A practice run on a spare piece of stone

The plaques will be a celebration of the two scouts’ participation in the expedition. We did not feel the need for solemnity, so Mark has designed them with bold energetic letter forms. Lively ligatures and playful nesting of letters are used in order that the letters fit neatly into a rectangular block and with an even pattern. We want the stones to be as visually engaging as possible. The letters are tightly and efficiently packed into the stones’ dimensions in order to reduce the footprint. The larger stone will be an echo of its smaller cousin.

The stones will be cut using two cleverly overlaid templates – Template 1
The stones will be cut using two cleverly overlaid templates – Template 2

A Hot June Evening In Antarctica!

It was somewhat ironic that Kent Scouts chose to run its Evening In Antarctica on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far!

Back Row (Left to Right): Darcey Holmes, Colin Walker, Genevieve Scullion, The Honourable Alexandra Shackleton, Lucy Morgan, George Stonor, Joe Doherty.
Front Row (Left to Right): Cathy Mummery, Alan Noake, Matt Wood and Shackleton The Penguin!

On Saturday 29th June guests gathered from around the County, and beyond, in the barn at Lower Grange Farm in Kent for an evening of presentations to learn all about the Kent Scouts ReQuest2021 Antarctica Project.

The guest speakers were Colin Walker (Scout Historian and Archivist), Joe Doherty (The first scout to ski to the South Pole and kite ski back) and the Honourable Alexandra Shackleton (Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Granddaughter) who is also one of the project’s three supporting patrons.

ReQuest2021 Team
The ReQuest2021 Team (From Left to Right): Matt Wood, George Stonor, Darcey Holmes, Genevieve Scullion, Alan Noake (with Shackleton The Penguin!), Cathy Mummery and Lucy Morgan. (Plus, not forgetting, Laura Bernard – who was unable to be present for the photo!)

The ReQuest2021 Team (From Left to Right): Matt Wood, George Stonor, Darcey Holmes, Genevieve Scullion, Alan Noake (with Shackleton The Penguin!), Cathy Mummery and Lucy Morgan.
(Plus, not forgetting, Laura Bernard – who was unable to be present at the event.)

The project’s other two supporting patrons sent the team video messages – James Ketchell, currently flying a gyrocopter all around the world and Felicity Aston MBE, the first woman to ski to the South Pole.

In the Winter of 2021/22, the team of Scouts will be sailing on the Bark Europa Tall Ship from South America to Port Lockroy in Antarctica.  Exactly 100 years after  two Scouts sailed on Shackleton’s final Quest Expedition the project‘s objectives will be: –

  • To participate as members of the crew on the Barque Europa on a voyage to Antarctica.
  • For each of the participants to carry out an Antarctic research project and present the results upon return.
  • To visit Port Lockroy base that was established by Scout James Marr and fly a Scout flag on Antarctica.
  • To unveil an expedition plaque dedicated to Marr & Mooney at Gilwell Park and Port Lockroy in Antarctica.
  • To involve the younger sections in join-in educational fun activities in the form of Antarctica In An Ice Box.

All four youth participants gave an overview of their Antarctic Research projects. Genevieve’s is a PHYSIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENT, Lucy’s is on CLIMATE CHANGE, Darcey’s is using PHOTOGRAPHY & ART and George’s is doing 3D ICEBERG SIMULATION. #MakeItHappen.

The top four Raffle prizes donated for the night were as follows:-

  1.     A Thames Cruise on The Lady Daphne Thames Barge (including Tower Bridge opening) for four people worth over £100. Aug/Sep options for 2019. [DONATED BY: SAM HOWE AND ANDY TAYLOR, LADY DAPHNE]

2.     Into The Frozen South Book 1923 (with facsimile of original cover). Worth around £100. [DONATED BY: PAUL DAVIS, KINGSBRIDGE BOOKS]

3.     The Shackleton Voyages Book [DONATED BY: PAUL DAVIS, KINGSBRIDGE BOOKS]

4.     SendMeCakes Ultimate Bake Box Gift Voucher. Worth £22. [DONATED BY: LOU MILLIGAN, SEND ME CAKES]

The team have fundraised £26,545 so far with a project target of £85,000. Gentoo penguin level sponsors (each donating over £250) to date include the Gallagher Group Ltd, the Deep-Sea Scouts and The Goodwin Sands Potholing Club.  

Kent Scouts is one of the largest Scouting counties in the UK. Giving adventure to 17,112 young people and 5,439 adults across Kent. We are an umbrella organisation to the Scout Association of the UK operating in the Local authorities of Kent County Council and Medway Council. The aim of the Association is to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

For various ways you can follow and support the project please visit: