ReQuest2021 Home Challenges!

Some great questions coming through from the research taking place on Antarctica! And as a result of Sophie and Oliver’s questions, I thought this quick activity would be perfect. Making an Origami Whale. This is an activity brought to our selection camp as an ‘Antarctica in an Icebox’ idea and I really enjoyed it so now’s your turn!  If you have any origami paper then use that but if not grab an A4 piece of paper and you can decorate it afterwards. 
Remember, if you have taken part in any of our activities, share your photos, discoveries or questions, tagging us with #request2021 (on instagram), @request2021 (on twitter) or email us (
This video also features one of our ReQuest2021 fundraising badges! Once you have completed three of our virtual Scouting activities you have earnt your own ReQuest2021 badge which we can send to you for a £3 donation. 
All money goes towards our fundraising efforts for our expedition to Antarctica. Follow the link for more information For badge requests, email

And if you missed it here is the Penguin Loo Roll video again….

The ReQuest2021 Loo Roll Penguin

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